10 Aug

Warming UP

We have all seen the RESEARCH! Dynamic and active stretching prior to exercise yields better performance than static stretching, which has actually been shown in some studies to be worse than NO STRETCHING AT ALL when implemented prior to exercise!  (I do believe there is a benefit to STATIC STRETCHING after exercise even though I PREFER Active Isolated Stretching)

We all hear athletes say “I do a dynamic warm-up” yet we continue to see one of three things occur:



3. And my personal favorite instruction from  coaches:  “STRETCH ON YOUR OWN”

I also consider the fact when someone says they do a dynamic warm-up they may truly NOT be doing a dynamic warm-up.  A few high knees and “butt-kickers” is not a proper dynamic warm-up.

At Athlete’s Arena we consider a proper warm-up to include:

1. General warm-up (light rowing, jogging, riding a bike)

2. Activation (for a another time)

3. Movement Preparation

4. Linear, Lateral or Multi-Directional Dynamics or “Patterning” if we are transitioning to the weight room.

Below is an abbreviated warm-up.  After this warm-up we would transition into a specific dynamic warmup depending on what we are working on that day BUT this is a great start:

If you are interesting in receiving our full Proper Warm-Up routine feel free to email me and I can send that right over! 

You can also see my “RIVETING”, RICH in content, full warmup with description HERE!




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